Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FORBIDDEN by Wilma Wall

This was a very good story of how difficult life must have been for the Japanese-American people after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the war that followed. It read almost like a true story and at the end I even went back to the acknowledgments at the beginning to make sure it was fiction. Very well written.

Annie Penner and Donald Nakamura have met in college and both feel an attachment to each other. Annie is a Mennonite and they don't believe in war and you marry "your own kind". So when Donald, a Japanese-American, is sent away to the internment camps she looses touch with him finally, but never forgets him. When the war is over Donald returns to his town as an American war hero, but folks only see him as a "jap". Annie and Donald find themselves in love with each other, but they struggle with prejudices, two different cultures and unjust laws. Their faith in a God who can work all things out though doesn't waver and they see God change hearts. A beautiful story of taking what was forbidden and seeing God prove Himself faithful. I feel I learned alot about the cultures of both families and the hard times it was for everyone during and after the war.

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