Monday, March 28, 2011

FAITH'S REWARD by Tammy Barley

This was a good ending to this series and brought together the hidden plot of who was after Jessica (Hale) Bennett throughout this series. I enjoyed the love Jess and Jake have had for each other throughout the book and series. They had a love that wasn't without hardships, misunderstandings and sorrows, but it was strong and enduring and they both kept their faith in God real to them both. It was a love you knew would withstand the tests of time. I also enjoyed the loyalty you see in their ranch hands and folks. They were a family. Although Jessica's "premonitions" were a little hard to accept, they did keep you wondering how and when they were going to happen.

Jess and Jake are still trying to keep the horse ranch going amidst all the trials that keep coming their way. They find themselves having to part company for awhile to find out who has taken Jess's rightful inheritance and who is targeting Southerners even though the war is over. Both are in dangerous situations. I am not sure I felt the timing was right for these activities. It seemed to me that Jess and Jake might have waited, as I have a hard time with her taking the chances she took being so far along in a pregnancy they both have wanted for awhile. The ending though was good and a little surprising and this is a series I highly recommend reading.

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