Thursday, March 31, 2011


There are some books that as soon as you start to read them you know you are just going to have to keep reading until you finish; this was one of those books for me. It was a delightful story, just like the title says, "an old-fashioned romance". I loved it!! I liked all the characters in the story and found myself smiling and laughing whenever the "girlfriends" got together, and goosebumps on the arms when Reese and Breck get together. There was very little suspense, no danger or intrigue, just a wonderfully written lighthearted and fun romance.

Breck McCall finds herself trying to be content working in the city, and one of the ways that is helping her is working for her boss, Reese Thatcher. He is a "dream come true" in her eyes, a handsome man who is a gentleman in the true sense of the word. She also has her girlfriends who she hangs out with and boy do they have fun when they get together. So her girlfriends throw her a birthday party and get Breck's boss to help out. From then on the situation between Breck and Reese get unbelieveable good. You have to appreciate Reese and his way of embarrassing Breck at times; and his family that lives "down on the farm" is a special group of folks too. I found myself picturing the scenes at Thanksgiving and Christmas and realized that it was a description that hopefully can be written by alot of people as it was very real to life. I also liked the fact that though there was an obvious affection for each other and alot of kissing at times, the author keeps it all above board and decent. Thank you Marcia McClure for that! I have read several other books by this author and have enjoyed them all, but this was one of my favorites!

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