Monday, February 28, 2011

LOST AND FOUND by W. Jay Pilgrim, MD

This review may seem a little long, but there is much to say about my opinions of this story. First off a few likes; I thought it was a very unique and interesting story line and very well written. It held my attention all the way through and felt for the most part it was very true to life on alot of the situations presented in this story. The author did state at the beginning that he hoped this would be "an entertiaing and thought-provoking tale of love" and I must say it was that.

Dana McGlynn is a nurse in a small town in Minnesota working for a Dr. Cameron Majors for 3 1/2 years. All of a sudden their interest in each other is sparked when Dr. Cameron sees her all dressed up for night out. Since Dana has been interested in him for a long time, their romance hits the fast track. Dr. Cameron is a "biker" in his off time, with a secluded mansion he lives in and although Dana loves finding out both things about him, there is alot she doesn't know about Dr. Cameron. He really is a long lost rock star who at one time Dana had a brief moment with that changed both their lives forever. It is just that it has been 16 years and neither one of them recognizes the other in their new life style.

Some of the things I found hard to comprehend. First off, even after 16 years, if you followed someones career and had their pictures posted up everywhere, I think that even then Dana should have had some idea of who the Dr. truly was. I also had a hard time with the life style that Dr. Cameron had when off duty, and how it didn't seem to go with his dedication he had as a believer in the Lord. I also had a hard time with the "freedom" Dana felt in her lack of dress in front of Dr. Cameron. As I stated earlier, it was a good premise for a story, but some of the situations in the book left me bewildered and disappointed. I did feel there was a good presentation of what the scriptures have to say on certain subjects and I did appreciate the way Pastor Mallory was presented and what he had to say. I have mixed feelings about this book.

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