Monday, February 7, 2011

SWEET VIOLET by Catherine Palmer

This is the 3rd book in this series and although you could easily read it as a stand alone, it would help you know some of the secondary characters more if you had read the other books in this series. Violet Rosse was born in England but raised in India and has only known what Moumita, a Hindu widow hired as her ayah, has taught her. Edmund Sherbourne has come to India to preach the gospel to the people of India. He has been there for years though with no converts. He finds himself at a crossroads and decides to go back to England for a time. Violet, who is a very headstrong lady, must go to England too, as her father has arranged for her to marry a man back in England. Violet does not want to go and Edmund helps to get her there. They both seem to have impossible dreams and together they embark on an adventure that will unite them together.

I enjoyed getting to feel and picture the country of India and the culture of the land. I also appreciated the way the author showed to me how ignorant one can be of the things of the one true God when you grow up in a culture that doesn't know or belive in the Bible as the final authority. It was good to read how Edmund needed to change some of his tactics and views to reach the people of India. I enjoyed the descriptive nature of this story and the conversations Violet had with Edmund. It was refreshingly real, fun and frustrating at time, but always enjoyable. This was a book I enjoyed and a series I am glad to have read.

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