Sunday, February 27, 2011


OK ladies (I say ladies because I know the men will not be into this book - at least any men I know); find a nice rainy do-nothing day and sit back and enjoy a wonderfully romantic story.

Genieva Bankman has willingly agreed to arrive in Brevan McLean's town and to marry him. He agreed to marry her because he needs a wife to help him on his farm and take care of things in the house. Both his brothers live near by and have good marriages and loving wives, but Brevan is only looking for "help". They both are bullheaded and can be very feisty, so it was fun to read and "watch" them learn how to handle each other. There is a family though that wants the McLean land and so there is danger as well as romance in this book and some humor. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and closed the book with a nice contented sigh. Marcia Lynn McClure definately knows how to write a good healthy (and clean) romance!

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