Saturday, February 5, 2011

WILD HEATHER by Catherine Palmer

This story is of 2 families who for generations have let bitterness and hatred keep them from ever seeing any good in each other. It is set in the early 1800's in Otley, England. I cannot imagine living in a small town and attending the same church and never having even looked across the aisle at the faces of people, because of the bitterness and hatred in my heart. But one day Randolph Thorne mistakenly steps upon the hem of Olivia Hewes Chatham and the enemies come face to face with each other. From then on things start to happen. Olivia and Randolph begin to realize that peace is possible and that God would have them choose peace. It was interesting to see how the fussing and fighting had affected the whole community.

This was another good story in this English Ivy Series, and you can easily read it as a stand alone story. There was alot of sound biblical lessons to be learned in this story and I enjoyed the way the town pastor and his wife helped both Olivia and Randolph in the quest for answers.

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