Thursday, February 24, 2011

IT HAD TO BE YOU by Janice Thompson

This is the third book in the Weddings by Bella series and I highly recommend you read them in order so you get to know the characters from the beginning. A phrase the Rossi family has is "Live well, laugh often, love much"; and that is what these books are all about. They know how to live well, you will find yourself laughing often and they do know how to love much. This story stood out to me in that old folks can fall in love and love well just as well as the young. There was alot of folks falling in love in the story and alot of weddings to be planned.

Bella's long feuding relatives, Laz and Rosa, are finally getting married and Bella is planning their wedding. She is planning a 40's style wedding that will be a day they will always remember, right down to the big band. But Laz's old mobster friend who comes in to town for the wedding almost breaks up it up. Bella finds herself trying to plan her own wedding and everyone else's too. And her fiancee, DJ is a dream come true guy who is the perfect match for Bella (Italy meets Texas).

There is never a dull moment in this story. As it says in the book, the Rossi's "love with passion, celebrate with passion and look at life with passion, and welcome new members with equally as much passion." It is filled with fun, food, love and romance. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series and getting to know all the quirky characters in and around the Rossi clan. (My only disappointment with the book is I felt the cover should have definately had cowboy boots on the characters.)

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