Monday, February 14, 2011

TWICE LOVED by Lori Copeland

I enjoyed reading this story. It was lighthearted and fun. Willow Madison arrives in Thunder Ridge, Texas to stay with her Uncle and hopefully to marry rich Silas Sterling, a man 30 years older than her, but who can provide for Willow and her 2 friends and her Uncle. The Civil War is over, which Willow and her 2 friends helped fight in, and they are destitute. Now this scenario may not sound like a fun and lighthearted story, but from the minute Willow rides into town with her horse and wagon, you will find yourself slightly amused.

Tucker Gray finds himself slightly annoyed with Willow when she rides into town and they don't exactly get along well throughout the story, but you will find yourself smiling and enjoying the arguing they find themselve doing every time they meet. Willow must decide though what path God wants her to take; the one of duty and commitment to a man she doesn't love, or giving herself to the man she is head over heels in love with?

I finished the book and felt refreshed and in a good mood. The folks in the story are all good characters I enjoyed getting to know to know them all, and look forward to reading the next two books in this series.

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