Friday, February 11, 2011

A BILLION REASONS WHY by Kristin Billerbeck

First of all, I would like to thank BookSneeze and Thomas Nelson for giving me this book to review. The cover they put on this book was a real draw and went perfect with the story line. This was a fun book to read, with lots of dialogue and witty conversations. I found myself smiling a lot through this story.
Katie McKenna thinks she has a billion reason why she should NOT marry “billionaire” Luc DeForges and a billion reasons why she should marry Dexter. But while reading you will soon discover that her reasons just don’t hold up. Katie is . . . “everything a man wanted in a wife: the girl next door, nurturing with just enough fight to keep it interesting, intellectual, generous to a fault, and of course. .. the heavenly figure.” Luc is her “soul mate” and always has been, but once you have been rejected, it is really hard to trust your heart again. Luc knows what he wants, but has to work really hard to convince Katie she can trust him.
This story was full of fun characters. Katie’s Mom was a real fun character to get to know. The author had a way of taking a tense situation and turning the moment into a light and sometimes hilarious moment. And what girl doesn’t want to be swept off her feet by a man with a jet plane and more money than he knows what to do with, but hasn’t let wealth go to his head; someone who only has eyes for you. This was a story full of romance and fun and I had a good time reading it.

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