Friday, February 18, 2011

ONE TRUE LOVE by Lori Copeland

This was the final book in this series and I would encourage everyone to read these books in order in this series, because it will really help you get to know the 3 ladies in the series better. I would also like to give high praise to the people who designed these covers because they did a really good job and they all went well with each story.

Copper is an outspoken, fiesty lady who has a love of teaching kids. Copper's friends Audrey and Willow have both found love in the town of Thunder Ridge and Copper has found a good teaching position close by. But when the schoolhouse catches fire, Copper suffers a serious injury trying to rescue some of her students. The only doctor who might possibly help her is in another town far away. The wagon train, led by Josh Redlin (who by the way, I thought was a rugged yet gentle man who I enjoyed very much) is headed to Colorado and they will take Copper with them until they come to the fort the doctor is at. The problem here is that Copper and Josh can't ever seem to get along so it makes life very interesting. But the more Copper sees Josh in action, the more she sees who he really is, and some of her weaknesses also comes to light. She comes to depend on him and in the end she will need to trust him completely; will she fail the test?

This was lighthearted at times, but also had alot of tragedy and sadness in it. We can't understand why some very bad things happen to some folks, but our trust must be in a God who we know is good. Heartache, death, love, friendship and alot of "conflicts" between Copper and Josh make this a good ending to a really good series.

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