Monday, January 9, 2012


This was a delightfully funny, romantic read and I liked the way this author has written this book. It is the story of Lucy Binoche and her quest to find the perfect guy for her as she approaches 30 years of age and is still single. Her singles group at church decides to go on a week's vacation to Snowball, Arkansas and enjoy the great outdoors in Winter. Lucy wasn't going to go (she is a luxury hotel/Starbucks kind of girl), but when the new Justin Gerard decides to go (and Lucy thinks he must be her perfect man) she decides to sign up, along with her best friend forever, Matt. The hilarious part is reading about Lucy trying to fish, camp, go caving, horseback riding and sledding. She seems to attract disaster and her best friend Matt gets a little irritated with her trying to be someone she is not, in order to impress Justin. Who will love Lucy for who she really is??? Read the book and find out.

I loved the little "prayer journal" of Lucy's at the end of each chapter. There was alot of fun in this story but also alot of truth in the message coming across, of being yourself, and being open to who ever the Lord has for you; NOT trying to make something happen. It was a refreshing, fun read!

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