Saturday, January 28, 2012


This was just a feel good romantic story. I just enjoy reading books by this author, Wendy Davy. They all have a good romantic twist to them, but they also come with a good lesson to learn in each story.

Jordon is concerned about her widowed mother who has found someone to love again and how quickly her mother seems to be moving on the wedding plans. Jordon is indeed a very "reluctant bridesmaid" and arrives at her Mom's soon to be new home intent on getting her Mom to stop the wedding and give this new relationship more time. Jordon didn't plan on liking Tanner, the son of the man her Mom is planning to marry, but after getting to know him, she finds she can confide in him her misgivings and he seems to care and understand. Tanner offers her very good advice about taking her concerns to the Lord and trusting in Him to change things in her or in the upcoming marriage. You can quickly see feeling for each other growing, but it isn't easy for either one of them to trust their feelings.

I liked the honest feelings Jordon had about her Mom's sudden wedding plans. I felt they were very honest and very real. I also liked Tanner's sensible and good spiritual advice he gave to Jordon and also his open and honest reasons for wanting to find the "right" woman for himself. Both these people were very easy to like and appreciate. It was just a nice romantic story, with a little unexpected scene near the end that could have had a whole different ending if the people involved hadn't learned the importance of forgiveness. I enjoyed reading this story and found myself finishing it in one day!

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