Thursday, July 5, 2012


This is book 2 in the Whispering Pines series. I highly recommend you read these stories in the order they were written. The characters from book one pick right up in this story set around the town of Pine Mountain, Oregon. This story centers around Maggie Carpenter and her son, Spencer, and around the young lady Spencer finds in the woods out back of their home. She is a runaway teenage girl, Leah, who is searching for her biological father, who she believes is living in Pine Mountain. Maggie and Spencer take her in and she easily becomes a part of their family. The story isn't just about them though, there are so many other characters in the town that this book is about. It is about a boy growing up and a Mom learning how to handle him and his friends. About learning to know a person and not judging someone by their outward appearance. About friendship and possibly a spark of romance.

I am finding this series of books quick and enjoyable stories of a town with imperfect people who all have issues they need to deal with, but where love and forgiveness can go a long way in making relationships stay strong. I am looking forward to finishing this series by reading the last two books in this series. Pine Mountain is a nice place to visit and I recommend this series to anyone who wants to get away and enjoy this delightful town.

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