Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SOMEONE TO BELONG TO by Melody Carlson

This is the last book in the Whispering Pines series and it is kind of sad to leave this town behind and move on. The people in this series were warm and inviting, and although everyone has issues they need to deal with, people could look past most of them and become a type of town everyone would want to live in. In this last book Maggie and Jed have found true love and are planning their springtime wedding. But Jed's former flame has come back into town and Maggie must trust Jed and his love for her and come to accept Amber and get to know her for who she is today.

There were many difficulties to overcome in this book and the author handled each one of them very well. There is the trust and confrontation of a parent with a child, the difficult issue of cancer, and the need to forgive when someone threatens your life. I found myself shedding a few tears in this story, but in the end the author brought this book to a conclusion that was very satisfying and enjoyable. Not everyone or everything had closure to it, but you know these folks will continue to deal with problems as they arise and move forward, to make Pine Mountain, Oregon a town anyone would love to live in. It was a series I enjoyed and maybe someday I will revisit the town again. As the back of the book states, "Curl up with Someone to Belong To and discover the wonderful hand of the Father who guides each life into fullness and blessing."

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Sherry Kuhn said...

Sounds like an enjoyable series. Nice reviews on the books, Judy, it made me want to read the series. ;)