Friday, July 27, 2012

FIRESTORM by Jeanette Windle

Any book that is over 600 pages long and can continually keep me in suspense and wanting to keep turning the pages is a great book in my opinion. Jeanette Windle does another excellent job of writing a story that seems so true to life, with alot of suspense, danger, and intrigue. As one reviewer so adequately stated, 'she tells a credible gripping story'. This is easily a stand alone story, but there is a book one, Crossfire, which tells you how Sara's troubles all began.

Sara has survived escaping the Cortez drug empire which she unknowingly married into (what book one was all about). Special agent, Doug Bradford, is the one who rescued her and would like to continue to take care of her now that she is back safe in Miami. But Sara feels she needs to stand on her own for awhile, so she sort of walks away from a promising relationship. But trouble follows both Sara and Doug and there are people who want them both dead. So once again, they both will need to trust each other. Doug will come up missing and Sara will be the one to come to the rescue this time. There are many dangers to endure, but also many valuable lessons to learn.

I loved the message throughout this book and Doug said it well, "real faith isn't believing that God's going to make everything turn out with a fairy-tale ending. It's believing in God's goodness and love, even if it means going through the valley of death all the way to the bitter end and out the other side." I also liked the Psalm 91 verses they kept going back to (which is too long to print here, but trust me when I say is really has verses to claim and cling to when you have someone you love doing a dangerous job). Then there is the phrase Sara kept claiming, "safety is not the absence of danger, but the presence of God". The story was not "preachy" at all, but it did weave into the lives of these folks the importance of relying upon the promises of God. You will find yourself in the jungles of Paraguay and from Miami to Washington in the USA and as you are flying across the country, you will find yourself flying across the pages of the book so you can see what will happen next. Another great job Jeanette Windle!

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