Sunday, July 29, 2012


Vaden Valmont is a young adventurous lady who sees the good in people and loves life. Ransom Lake is a recluse who lives in the mountains and has little interest in people. But Ransom wasn't counting on running into Vaden. Together they both will experience the passion and joy of each other, but also the heartache they each will bring to one another. They both feel the passion (and trust me there was alot of good passionate scenes), but neither one can verbally commit to each other by admitting their love for one another. But when tragedy strikes one of them, their true feelings for each other will finally come forth.

I enjoyed the story and once again Marcia McClure does a great job of writing a romantic tale and is always good in the romance department, without ever going 'to far' in her passionate scenes (at least in the stories I have read so far). This is a clean romance, with the main character, Ransom, who is handsome, tender and protective and full of passion. What is not to like about a guy like that.

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