Tuesday, July 17, 2012

LOVE IS GRAND by Annalisa Daughety

This is book 3 and the final book in the "A Walk in the Park" series by Annalisa Daughety. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my 'walk in the park' with each new story I read in this series. I liked the fact that they were each at different historical national landmarks and were tied together by three special girlfriends who worked as Park Rangers at each location, and who had to depend on each other and in their faith to help them through difficult times.

In this final story Ainsley Davis, whose husband unexpectedly died 2 years ago, is left raising her baby, Faith, alone and is trying to get over her unexplainable fears. She has finally decided to leave her parent's home and return to her job as a park ranger at the Grand Canyon. Now she just needs to face her fears, and she has two nice men who want to help her; fellow ranger Dustin Cooper, who has known Ainsley for years and whose friendship is special, and police officer-on-leave-of-absence, Jake McGuire, who wants to protect her from all her fears. Both men are likeable, but only one will win Ainsley and her daughter Faith's heart. Can someone who has loved and lost really love again? Ainsley will find that even the second time around, "love is grand"!

I found myself always feeling refreshed after reading each of these stories. The author always does a good job setting up a nice romantic ending that makes you smile and your heart go "pitter-patter". I also enjoyed reading this story because of the places at the Grand Canyon that I have been to and could understand the awesomeness that the people in the story experienced when they would stand at different places along the rim of the canyon and on the trails. It really is a breathtaking place to visit. This is a series I hope someday to "walk" back through again.

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