Thursday, March 6, 2014

A MARCH BRIDE by Rachel Hauck

This is a great follow-up story to the book, 'Once upon a Prince' by Rachel Hauck.  You could read this as a stand alone story, but I highly recommend you read 'Once Upon a Prince' first, as both stories are wonderfully romantic.

Susanna Truitt has found her true prince, Nathaniel II of Brighton Kingdom.  She is weeks away from the big day and finds herself doubting what she is doing.  So when Nathaniel tells her in order to get married she must renounce her American citizenship, and then she finds out key people in her life can't make it to the wedding, she gets "cold feet" and flies home to St. Simon's Island to see her family.  Nathan fears she won't return, but he finally decides he must devise a plan to win back the love of his life.

What a dreamy romance story!  I loved the way these two obviously loved each other and Nathan sure does know how to show his love to Susanna near the end of the book.  Susanna also got some very wise counsel from her Pastor and a great reminder of where, as a Christian,  our citizenship really is.  This is a short book and could be read in one evening.  So sit back, curl up on a comfortable sofa and be prepared to fall in love with "A March Bride".

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