Monday, March 24, 2014

PORT ROYAL by Linda Chaikin

This was a well written story set in Jamaica in the late 1600s where there is smuggling, slaves, pirates and buccaneers.  You have a British Viscount turned pirate and a woman with noble causes looked down upon because of her mother's heritage.  It took me awhile to get really interested in the story line as I felt the first part of the book had a lot of background and information and detail to get through before you really got into what was going on and who was who in this story.  It was a good beginning to the series, because it left you kind of hanging at the end, wanting to read what was going to happen to the main characters in this story next.

There is the Viscount Baret turned pirate and/or buccaneer who is  trying to find out if his father is still alive and to find him and refute those who are trying to disparage his name.  Then there is Miss Emerald who is rejected by her father's wealthy family and is trying to escape her life by running away with an indentured servant to America.  The Viscount and Emerald will meet under unusual circumstances and from then on they will find their lives intertwined throughout the story. There are many more characters and situations to follow throughout this story and it keeps you on your guard trying to keep track of everything.  It is more of an adventure story than a romantic book, although there is a touch of romance.  If you like a good pirate adventure story I think you will like this story.  I am interested to see how the story continues in book two, "The Pirate and His Lady".

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