Saturday, March 1, 2014

THE DOUBLE K RANCH by Patricia Cote

Cade Knight is the owner of the Double K Ranch in Nowhere, Wyoming.  He shows up at the town's party because he was told he would be introduced to a lady who might fit his opening for a ranch cook.  (His previous cook didn't work out and as you read you will discover how bad his last cook was.)    Margo Benchley would "rather be anywhere than Nowhere, Wyoming", but she is penniless and desperate for a job helping the caterer at the party.  When Cade and Margo meet at the party it is under some very unusual circumstances and they find themselves thrown together and escaping the party together.  Their mutual affection for each other will grow as Margo finds herself employed by Cade.  But someone is out to harm not only these two, but many more in town and life gets a little scary until they track the evil person down.

This story was interesting but I felt like I was at times reading a quick version of what really went on by someone who didn't have much feeling for any of the characters they were talking about.  I can't put my finger on it exactly, but just felt like there could have been more depth to this story.  I enjoyed myself while reading it, but just felt there was something missing in the whole telling of this story.  The story definitely kept moving so it was a fast action type story with a well written romance, along with some mystery and suspense.

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