Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This book lived up to its description all the way!  It was very inspirational with a great message intertwined in between a tender romance and probably one of the most suspenseful books I have read in awhile (I should note that suspense is not my favorite genre of books, so I don't read them a lot).  This book scared me silly at times and I found reading at night alone was just not happening during certain moments in this story.  This story also dealt with virtual reality games and how they can become an addiction like anything else.  It was very well written with a unique story line and full of suspense and danger!

Mel Mesini, or "tough as nails" in her virtual reality life, find herself having to go back home when she gets a message that her Dad has been hit by a car and is in the hospital, and someone needs to take care of her Mom, Arlene, who suffers with schizophrenia.  Mel has not been home in many years and has her own up-and-coming restaurant in the city, which is a replica of a highly trafficked online club in her "virtual reality" game.

Jeremy Stiles is a police officer in the town Mel is returning to.  Jeremy and Mel go way back and at one time were the closest of friends.  But something happened that broke them apart and neither one has a clear understanding of that moment in time.  Now Jeremy is out to protect Mel and her family, as someone is out to do them harm.

There were so many complex and different emotions and struggles going on in this story.  You have Mel trying to cope and understand a Mom who doesn't seem to be "all there".  Jeremy who is trying to regain the relationship with Mel and understand and love her unconditionally and then there is the evil lurking around the corner.  Who is out there and what are they after???  Get ready to find the answers to a lot of questions, but I recommend you don't read it on a dark and stormy night all alone.  Just remember the verse at the beginning of this story, "Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles."  Isaiah 40:31.  The author tied this verse into her story very well.  Well done Katy Lee!

Great job on the cover of this book too.  After reading this story you can easily understand the cover and the title.
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing (April 4, 2012)

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