Monday, February 17, 2014


This was a delightful inspirational story filled with humor and romance, but also sorrow and heartache and trying to reach the ones we love with the truth of the gospel.   It does deal with one of the Archer brothers from book one in this series, "Short Straw Bride", and you do get a small glimpse into the other brothers from that story.  But this can easily be read as a stand alone.

The story takes place in Texas in 1885.  Crockett Archer is one of the Archer brothers who has left the family ranch and has become a preacher and finds himself headed to possibly his first church.  But God has a different plan for his life and who would have thought it would be that his train gets held up and the "bandits" are looking for a preacher to take as hostage.

Joanna Robbins is about to turn 21 and there isn't anything her widowed father wouldn't do for her.  Joanna wishes for a preacher and her father sets out to get her one.  But what Joanna really wanted was for someone to come and start up the community church once again and help her reach her father, Silas, for the Lord.  She wasn't expecting her Dad to actually go out and kidnap her a preacher.

This book started out with the humorous kidnapping, but it was full of so much more.  I loved how Joanna related to her father and her love for him and the wanting of him to get saved.  Their conversation in the church about why God would allow someone in his earlier life to beat a child to death was very touching and very well said.  This author is a joy to read and is becoming a favorite of mine.  She mixes humor with romance, but also deals with difficult questions and heartaches too. I came away fully satisfied, but wanting more and I look forward to reading many more of her stories.

As just a side note or observation:  I thought the cover was cute, but it didn't really portray the real plot of this story.

Pages: 347
Year: 2013
Publisher: Bethany House

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