Saturday, February 22, 2014

KYLIE'S KISS by Delia Latham

This is book two in the Solomon's Gate series and although you could read it as a stand alone story, I highly recommend you begin with "Destiny's Dream" to set the background for this story (plus I personally liked book one a tiny bit better!).

Kylie Matthews finds herself stepping into the Christian dating service building called "Solomon's Gate" in response to a dare.  Kylie has issues growing up in a home where both mother and sister lived their lives as if looks and appearance were all that mattered in life.  Kylie therefore does not think she is pretty or worthy of someone paying her any attention.  So when she literally "bumps into" Rick Dale she isn't prepared for the relationship that will follow.  But can Kylie accept  and love Rick's little surprise (which I don't want to give away).

This was another delightful story by Delia Latham.  She blends humor with romance and tragedy with hope.  I enjoy her take on guardian angels, although I am not sold on our ability to see them at times (although it is nice to be reminded they are out there).  You are joined by people from book one and it is always good to meet "old friends".  I look forward to more stories by this author!  (Note to author: great job in delivering Kylie's wish near the end; a kiss that is worthy to be mentioned!)

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