Monday, February 10, 2014


A story that is just what the title itself says, "Love Arranged". Nicole returns home from college knowing in her absence her Mom is declining from having leukemia. What she doesn't know is that her father doesn't have long to live either and so he has "arranged" for Justin to take over his business and marry his daughter so he can die knowing she will be well cared for.  They both enter this marriage arrangement, caring for each other as good friends, but not exactly "in love" with one another.  They marry on the condition that if it doesn't work out after a year Nicole can leave if things just don't work out.  Can they make their marriage work?  That is what this story will be all about.

I really enjoyed myself as I read this story.  I liked the way Justin tried so hard to be the perfect husband and how well he read Nicole's actions and attitudes.  He was truly a perfect match for Nicole and she for him.  Justin had a strong faith and relationship with his Lord and Nicole was learning how to restore her relationship with God after ignoring Him while in college.  Together they go through some pretty tough struggles but seemed to be there for each other.  Then they started to stop sharing of themselves so much for fear of being hurt and that is when I wanted to shake them both and tell them to speak up and share what you feel.  At times near the end of this story  I became quite frustrated with them both.  But this arranged love affair will have an ending that made me sigh with contentment.  A great romantic story that left me wanting to keep reading more about Justin and Nicole.

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