Friday, February 7, 2014

DEVOTED MISSION by Regina Tittel

"Regina Tittel wrote Devoted Mission to not only uplift and encourage each individual while also entertaining them with a great story, but to bring awareness to the spiritual needs of the Kurdish people both stateside and abroad.  And to convey the spiritual side of this world and the power of prayer we have through our Lord, Jesus Christ."  This book is listed as "inspirational suspense romance" and I highly agree with all three descriptions!  I have yet to be disappointed by this author's writings.  It is the 5th book in the Ozark Durham Series, but can easily be read as a stand alone story without reading the other books in this series (although I think the other books in this series are just as good, if not even better).

Emily Durham is a devoted missionary on furlough and takes a summer job as nanny to two adopted children.  She thinks it is the perfect job, but she wasn't planning on the tension and danger she is about to discover in the "family" she has taken on.  Dillon Brewington is the brother/uncle of this family and is trying to discover who is out to harm his brother Robert.  He finds himself having to team up with the nanny, Emily, to help him and finds himself distracted by her and falling in love with her.  But Emily is headed for the mission field, or is she?

I enjoyed how this book started out, with the gunshot victim and catches your attention instantly. I loved the romantic attraction Emily and Dillon had for each other and also fell in love with the two adopted children.  I had a hard time understanding the parents of these two children and their lack of interest and attention they gave to their children.  I also, at times, had a hard time with the way the author seemed to jump ahead all of a sudden to a different day or time without any warning.  (I don't like to give negative comments, because I really did love the story.)  The parents seemed to be so completely not there that I couldn't figure out how they could have ever come to adopt two sweet children from other countries.  But the love and care they received from Dillon and Emily was precious.  I also loved the ending!    And I always appreciate the way the author inspires you in your Christian walk with the Lord.  God does answer prayer and can give you the desire of your heart, or change your heart and give you the desire you wanted all along and didn't even realize it.  Read the book and you will understand what I mean.

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