Sunday, February 2, 2014

THICKER THAN BLOOD by C. J. Darlington

Things I liked about this book: 1. I loved the look and even the feel of the cover of this book. 2. I loved the story line of the book and how books themselves and the love of them were captured by some of the characters in this story. 3) The author did a great job of telling this story and making you understand and feel what these characters were going through in their life.

Christy and May are two sisters who lost their Dad and Mom when they were teenagers.  Christy ended up leaving her younger sister May on the doorstep of her Aunt after the funeral and taking off never to come back, until 15 years later.  May has grown up and is helping run a ranch that is about to be foreclosed on.  She has also yearned to know where her sister is and what she is doing with her life.  Christy made some bad decisions in her growing up years and hasn't exactly turned out the way she had hoped.  She holds a job she loves working at the "Book Barn" and working with books all day long.  But that job is about to end and her life is spiraling out of control.  Her last hope is looking up her long lost sister, May.

This was a very well written drama of a story.  My only negative comment is that it was a somber story, full of heartache and sorrow.  It was a clear picture of how the Lord changed one sister and how His presence in her life helped her to face the hardships and still have a peace.  That had a deep impact on her sister. which is a good lesson for us all to live our life in such a way that others can see the difference the Lord can make in ones life.  There was also the element of forgiveness to be dealt with and a love that looks beyond being wronged.  This was a story of God's love and long-suffering, a story of hope, but also a story that brings out the sorrow and grief of a person's life.  I look forward to reading more from this author.  There are three books that I know of in this series, this is book one, and "Bound by Guilt" is book two, which I am reading now.

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