Monday, January 27, 2014

FOREVER ASHLEY by Lori Copeland

What a lively and fun story; it had me laughing out loud and smiling through a major part of this story.  The story line was very different and I  thoroughly enjoyed myself all the way through.

Boston Museum guide Ashley Wheeler suffers a head injury at the beginning of the story, and is transported back in time to revolutionary America. She suddenly finds herself accused of being a Tory spy, and is under the watchful eye of Dr. Aaron Kenneman,  who is determined to find out what she knows, and soon finds himself fascinated and attracted to a lady who is acting and making no sense.

The interaction between the men of the revolutionary America and Ashley from the 1900 century was quite amusing.  Ashley had a mind of her own and a mouth that couldn't seem to be tamed.  I wasn't sure how this story line was going to end, but must say it finished well and kept me quite entertained.  Just thinking about the story even now, days later, brings a smile to my face.  Enjoy!

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