Friday, January 17, 2014

MORNING STAR by S.W. Brouwer

This book took me by surprise.  It is one of those books that has sat on my shelf for years and I finally decided to "give it a try".  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself as I got into this story.  It was a good, authentic western novel that would appeal to men and women (yes there is a hint of romance, but it is not the theme of this story).  It did a good job of giving you a feel for how it really was in the West in 1874 and I was reading a little history in fiction form.

It was not easy living in the Wyoming Territory in 1874 and life had never really been easy for Samuel Keaton.  But when he rides into Laramie to enjoy himself after having been on the trail for days, he wasn't expecting he would be defending a dirty "Injun", killing a man in self-defense, running for his life and ending up in jail.  The mystery really begins when that same Injun and the Sheriff help him escape.  Why? and who is behind it all?  This story will keep you wondering what will happen next to Samuel Keaton and the "Injun".  You will slowly learn about both their pasts and wonder about their future.

I really enjoyed the realistic view of how things really were in the West and felt these characters did a good job of showing you how rough and dangerous life could be then.  There is treachery, killing, Indians, and a whole lot of mystery that will slowly unravel as you continue on your journey through the wild West.  Well worth the time to explore and enjoy the people in "Morning Star".

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