Saturday, January 25, 2014


I enjoyed this story for many reasons.  One, I liked how the author took historical places and events in this lumber town set in the early 1900's and used them to make this story more interesting.  I liked how she used the determination and love of a young girl to protect her older brother with learning problems and the love and closeness of these two characters.  I also enjoy a story that surprises me and doesn't take me in the direction I am assuming it will go.  It was a pleasure to read and picture in my mind the beautiful Oregon country.

Margaret Garvey is a young lady who has spent her whole life there in the timber country of Oregon.  She has lost her mother at a young age, the man she was willing to run away with and marry left without a word to her years ago and now she finds herself alone when her father passes away.  She becomes the town's school teacher and finds she can handle things on her own, but her father before he passed away, asked a young man, Andrew, to watch over Margaret and see she was cared for.  Daniel sets out to do that and finds out he isn't just doing it as a duty, but because he is learning to really care for this woman.  Then Nathaniel, her long lost first love shows back up in town, along with two stray children who end up at Margaret's door to care for.  It makes for a very interesting plot, along with a murder and devastating fire.  Margaret has many important decisions to make and she needs to learn to rely upon the Lord for answers.  But that is harder for her than she realized.  What does the future hold for her and who will she end up with in life?  I suggest you read this story and find out.  I don't think you will be disappointed.

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