Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DEEP TROUBLE by Mary Connealy

Another fun loving, wild west wedding by Mary Connealy.  Her books are always an enjoyment to read.  This is book two in her "Wild West Weddings" series and as always the book starts off with a situation that grabs you right from the beginning and doesn't let you go until you have finished the story.

Shannon Dysart is a young lady out to prove her father's research into the City of Gold was not the work of a "madman", but that he really had discovered treasure in the Wild West before he died.  And nothing is going to stand in her way; not villains who try to steal her map and leave her for dead, or her "protector" who tries to change her mind, nor heat, lack of water and perilous trails down through the Grand Canyon.  (And having been to the Grand Canyon myself, I can truly understand the awe these folks experienced when they see the grandeur of this place.)
Gabe Lasley (who you might remember from a previous story) has left his ranch in Wyoming and is meandering around and on his way to visit his one brother when he hears a gunshot and a scream and tracks down where it came from.  He finds Shannon stranded on a cliff and seeks to rescue her.  They are an unlikely pair from the very beginning but opposites do attract.  Gabe will find his hands full of trying to protect and keep Shannon safe.  Will they discover this city of gold?  Only time will tell.

I liked the chemistry between Gabe and Shannon.  You know exactly how this story will end, with these two getting together, but it sure is a lot of fun watching it all come together.  There are villains and danger and exploring to do in the great Grand Canyon and it makes the story that much more interesting.  You will also meet Shannon and Gabe's "perfect" matches(?) as a little side story, which was interesting.  Saddle up, hang on tight and get ready for another great adventure by Mary Connealy.

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