Tuesday, January 7, 2014

SAVED BY GRACE by Amy A. Corron

This was a hard story to put down once I started it!  It had mystery and romance and included the people you will come to love from the first three books in this series (which I recommend you read in order, although they can each be enjoyed as  a stand alone story).  This dealt with the issue of being able to forgive someone who has done a horrible deed, been sent to prison for it, did his time, has become a changed person and now wants to come back home.  Can the town accept his being a changed man since coming to believe that God has washed away his sins and he is a new believer?  The person he hurt has forgiven him and given him a job in her restaurant.  The pastor of the town stands behind him, knowing he is a new creation in Christ.  But can Grace Ellerton every really trust him, while her heart says one thing, the strange things coming up missing in town all point to this man, Adam Pearson.  I was thoroughly caught up in this story from the beginning when Grace and her friend pick up Adam along the road and offer him a ride, to the very end, where you wonder if Adam will once again have to go back to prison.  It got the heart a pumping a few times near the end.

Excerpt from the book: "He knew he had gained redemption of his sins through Jesus Christ, but until Jesus came to take him home to heaven, Adam had to find a way to redeem himself in the eyes of Atlanta's citizens.  In the eyes of his mother,  He had been such a disappointment to her his entire life and now that he wanted to make it up to her, he didn't know how he could."  You will find Adam dealing with this very issue all the way through this book.  I found myself understanding why the folks would be very skeptical to trust Adam, but also found myself knowing it was the right thing to do.  A very thought provoking and difficult situation to find oneself in.  But as the title says, we are all "Saved by Grace".  I highly recommend this whole series by Amy A. Corron.  You will come to enjoy the Northwoods and the people who live there, (although I must say that the Sheriff Nate Sweeney started to bother me a bit by his harsh treatment of Adam; in the other stories he was not nearly so "annoying").

If you want more information about this series or about this author, visit   https://amyacorron.wordpress.com/

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