Monday, March 31, 2014


This is book two in this series and  I liked it better than book one, "Port Royal".  This had more action, adventure and romance in it and the story seemed to move along at a faster speed.  Plus, after reading book one and getting a feel for places, people and setting the background, it was much easier to keep track of who was who and what was going on in the pirate/buccaneer saga in the Caribbean Islands in the 17th century.  You are getting a little history lesson as you read this book and I gained a new understanding of the differences between a pirate and a buccaneer.

This story picks up right where book one left off and you will come to know and appreciate Captain Baret "Foxworth" Buckington and Miss Emerald Harwick much more as they brave the open sea in search of a father, a lost treasure and a love that seems to be falling apart because of vicious lies and trickery.  I applaud Miss Emerald as she fights hard against brutality, slavery and cruel gossip and continues to remember she is a "child of the King".  She never loses sight of her standing as a child of God, and she will endure a lot in this story.  Baret is truly a man who knows what he wants and doesn't let much stand in his way of getting it.  He may have let lies affect his judgement, but true love will win out in the end.  Be prepared to step back in time and get ready for a true adventure on the high seas and on land.  I am off to see how this all ends by readying the third book in this series, "Jamaican Sunset".

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