Wednesday, April 2, 2014

JAMAICAN SUNSET by Linda Chaikin

This is the third and I believe final book in The Buccaneers Series and I thought the author finished well.  My favorite in the series was book 2, "The Pirate and His Lady".  I strongly recommend you read these stories in the order they were written because it would be hard to fully understand what was going on by simply picking of this story and starting to read it.

Baret Buckington and Emerald Harwick are finally publicly betrothed to one another.  Emerald looks forward to her life on the Jamaica island while Baret continues on his quest to find his father and the hidden treasure which was long-ago stolen from the Spanish ship, "Prince Philip".  But problems quickly arise and Emerald will find herself once again abducted and Baret once again coming to her rescue.  There is never a lack of adventure in these stories and there is also the bad pirates and the good buccaneers and mystery and romance thrown in also.  It keeps your interest, especially if you like high seas adventure.  So I recommend you set sail for the Jamaican islands and find yourself taken back in time to when you never know what or who will overtake you as you sail the open seas.

The author always does a good job of sharing a part of history as you read and also of writing in to her stories a spiritual emphasis.  "Can the God in whom she (Emerald) trusts in indeed cause all things to work together for good?"  Yes He can and yes He will!

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