Thursday, April 3, 2014

A SECRET TO DIE FOR by Cynthia Hickey

This was a suspense filled story with a lot of action and romance mingled in.  It kept me interested all the way through and did not take me long to read.  A story of learning to trust after being hurt by someone you loved.  A story of finding ones way back to a God you thought had forgotten all about you and discovering He was there all the time and working it out for your good.

Darcie finds herself in her hometown which she left and never wanted to come back to (and I can't say I blame her after finding out all she endured growing up).  She is hunting for something her deceased husband told her to look for before he died.  The problem is, someone else wants what she is looking for and will kill to get it.  She takes a job as a nanny to two children whose father, York Wardell, is an author and can't write and take care of his children so needs a nanny.  His wife has died and left Tony with some scars of his own to deal with.  These two will have to learn to trust each other as the danger gets closer to home.  I enjoyed the way these two main characters interacted with each other.  Darcie has a lot of spunk and York was not your typical author type personality.  They also have a housekeeper that was a dear lady who didn't back down from much either.  They were all a joy to get to know.

A good story but there were a few mistakes in the editing of this story which kind of bugged me.    And although I liked the ending, I do wish the author would have taken a little longer to bring this story to a close.  I was hoping to keep reading for a while longer, but it just ended rather quickly.  All in all, it is a good story and well worth your time to read and try and find this "secret you could die for".

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