Monday, April 7, 2014

DUSTY BRITCHES by Marcia Lynn McClure

Another good romance story by Marcia Lynn McClure.  If I ever want a good romantic read, I know I can count on Marcia Lynn McClure to deliver.  The best part of the story is that you not only get one romance adventure, but in this story there are three lovely romance stories going on.

Angelina Maddox and her sister Becca have grown up without their mother who passed away when they were younger and have had no motherly influence in their lives.  But their father has raised them well and it is a happy family.  But Angelina, called Dusty by most folks, (and when you find out how she got her nickname it will bring a smile to your face), has become a bitter person when it comes to men and life in general.  Her first love, Ryder left the ranch when she was 14 and he was 20.  She has never forgotten him and harbors bitterness in his leaving.  Then when she opens her heart to another she finds him cheating on her.  So when Ryder comes back into her life 5 years later he has to show a lot of patience with Dusty to win her over.  He left for good reasons, which you will understand as you read this story.  Dusty just needs to let go of her bitterness and learn to trust the one she loves.  Then there is also her sister, who has also loved some one from afar and their father, who needs to open his heart to true love once again.

There is some danger and suspense, but mostly a lot of love and romance, so saddle up and be prepared for some really good reading enjoyment.

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