Monday, April 28, 2014

SILENCED by Dani Pettrey

This is another intense drama that captures your interest and makes it hard to put down once you start.  I stayed up late to finish because I just couldn't put it down.  It is book four in the "Alaskan Courage" series and although you could read it as a stand alone, I do not recommend it because the books preceding it are all just as good and you get to know and love the McKenna family so well by reading the other stories first.

Kayden McKenna is an avid rock climber, but she wasn't expecting to find a dead body on the ledge she has climbed up to.  Now the family, the Sheriff and good friend Jake Westin Cavanagh will need to find out what happened to this climber.  Jake and Kayden have worked together before and although Jake has fallen in love with Kayden, he isn't sure how she feels about him.  Kayden is a very independent lady who has real issues with letting anyone help her or get to close to her.  The chemistry is there, but it will take time for them both to admit their feelings for each other.  In the meantime they are searching for a killer, but will find that that isn't the real danger that threatens them.  A story that is full of faith, love for family, danger, mystery and the realization that  "God doesn't promise the way will be easy, far from it, but He promises to carry us through, to give us the courage and grace we need when we need it.  He most often doesn't change the circumstances, He changes us."  (A favorite quote from this story.)

Sit back and enjoy catching up on all the McKenna siblings in this gripping story.  You will be glad you did. A special thanks goes to Bethany House for giving me this story to read for my honest review.  A big "thumbs up" for the folks who design the covers for this series of stories.  They have all been great!

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Print Length: 336 pages
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (April 29, 2014)

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