Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CALLING ME HOME by CaSondra Poulsen

A story that took me where I hadn't anticipated and lasted longer than I had thought it would (which was a VERY GOOD THING), but it ended way to abruptly.  I thought I had the story all figured out as I was reading it, and thinking to myself that this, this and this will happen and then it will end.  But I was wrong.  The author did a great job of extending this story beyond just a quick read.  It was full of great characters that I grew fond of and of mystery, danger, sorrow and love.  The next story, "Finding Home" will hopefully pick up where this story ended.

Samantha had dreams of becoming a chef.  So when her parents went to South Africa to fulfill their dreams of being missionaries and her twin brother, Brian, went off to join the military, Samantha moves to California to go to school to learn to be a chef.  Background done.  Enter Tom and his buddy Andi coming to the beach to go surfing in California one early morning and discovering a woman's body laying on the beach, with torn clothing, head injuries and unconscious.  Tom realizes he knows this girl as she goes to culinary school with his sister Taya.  Thus begins the journey of taking care of this girl (who is Samantha) while they try to help her regain her memory, track down a family they can't find, and discover a tender love and affection for each other and keep her safe until they find who did this to her and why.  It was not only a story about Samantha and Tom, but I also enjoyed the growing feelings between Sam's brother Brian and Tom's sister Taya.  Tom and Brian don't hit it off so well, but it was fun to watch them battle it out on who can and will protect Samantha.

This story had it all and gets a high review from me.  It had a thread weaved throughout of a people who had a strong faith in the Lord and how that faith kept them going when life seemed to be falling apart around them.  Be prepared to bask in the warm sunshine on the beach and then gather your winter parka for some snowy weather in Nebraska.  Whatever the weather your heart will be warmed as you read this delightful story.  Great job CaSondra Poulsen.

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Publisher: Ballad Publishing (September 17, 2011)

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