Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ANGEL'S DEN by Jamie Carie

This was a good story by Jamie Carie; I enjoyed reading it, thought the cover and title both went with the story line very well, but it wasn't my favorite story by this author.  The back cover says it best, "Not everyone who looks like an angel. . . is one."  This was surely true in this story.  Emma Daring, along with everyone else in town, thinks Eric Montclaire is a handsome, well-to-do gentleman about town so when he courts Emma and they marry she thinks she is on cloud nine.  But Eric is an evil man who abuses his wife and will murder people to get what he wants.  When he sets out on an expedition along the Lewis and Clark trail he hires Luke Bowen as his cartographer.  Luke will soon discover that Emma needs help and he is the man God has sent to hopefully free her from this nightmare.  But when a murder is discovered can the twisted lies and deceit take down the innocent and let the evil one go free?

This was a book that catches your interest from the beginning and has you wondering what is going to happen next.  I must say I wasn't expecting the ending but liked it very much.  Wickedness and abuse were evident, but God's love and faithfulness will never leave nor forsake the righteous - we just need to learn the lesson that Luke and Emma did, that we need to wait on the Lord and see how He will work all things out.

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