Sunday, May 11, 2014

GIFTS OF HOPE by Angela Hunt

This was another good story in "The Gift Series".  I will say that I liked book one, "Gifts of Life", slightly better then this second story, but both were very good. Although you could easily read this as a stand alone, you will meet people from book one in this story.  It was a story as the title says, of hope.  A hope for a second chance at a love someone thought was gone for good.

Daniel Mason is a rising piano player who by a freak fishing accident injures his hand and needs physical therapy to  hopefully regain usage in his fingers and be able to continue in his love of what he does.  He finds himself seeking the help of Julia Grant who is good at what she does in the physical therapy field.  The "problem" is that he left Julia years ago to go after his dream, Julia has since married, had a child and lost her husband.  Can they both rebuild the relationship they once had?

I liked the dynamics of Daniel slowly working his way into the hearts and lives of the Grant family.  Abigail, Julia's daughter, was a little girl with the ability to keep up with the best of the adults and I enjoyed getting to know her and her antics.  Julia is harboring a secret though that she will need to eventually share with Daniel, but it will be hard for her to open up and begin to trust him again.

These seem like very real people, with very real problems and I liked the way the author brought the gospel message into her story line and how it will eventually change hearts and give people that "gift of hope".

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