Thursday, May 29, 2014

ON 4/19 by Lisa Heaton

This book was a real winner for me!! My heart goes "pitter-patter" just thinking about this story.  When I finished, I felt like reading it all over again.  If you love a fairy tale romance with a strong christian theme then you will want to read this story.  It is the story of an unconventional arrangement that turns into two people finding the love of their life.  It is also the story of letting go and letting God do the work and waiting on Him to change a life, even if it means giving up your heart's desire.  It brought tears to my eyes at one point in the story, but I finished the book with a sigh of contentment and wanting to read more by this author.

When I got into the story and saw the story-line and the age differences between these two main characters I didn't see how the author could make this work and seem plausible, but she did!  I fell in love with Chelsea Whittaker and John Keller and the amazing love that grew as they spent more and more time together.  Could a college student, Chelsea, find the unconventional job she had working for a millionaire, John Keller, and experience the travel and lifestyle she did, remain true to her religious beliefs and find happiness with a guy twice her age??  The way this author writes this story makes it seem very possible.  I highly recommend this story and I am hoping this author hits a home run on the next book I read of hers, because this one was great!!  I might also add that the cover for this book was very good and truly fits in with the story.

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