Sunday, May 25, 2014

COLORADO PROMISE by Charlene Whitman

This story takes place on the Front Range of Colorado in 1875. The author has lived in the area she writes about and you get a sense of what the land was like back then, the weather, the terrain and the beauty that people found in living out in wide open spaces.

Emma Bradshaw is looking forward to going to school and hopefully becoming a botanical illustrator.  She loves the city life in New York and her family is well to do and enjoys having things done for them.  So when her father decides to pack up and move to Greely, Colorado, Emma is heartbroken and her dreams are ruined.  But in Greeley and on the open range she will find a new beauty and a draw of her heart that she was never expecting.  Two men will capture her interest and she must decide which one is right for her.

Lucas Rawlings in the area veterinarian living on a ranch with a dear Indian lady and her two sons.  He is trying to get his life back among the living after having lost his wife and baby during childbirth.  He believes Emma is the person who was meant to come into his life and change it for the better.  Randall Turnbull comes to Greely to work for his father.  He doesn't want to live there and longs to be back East once again.  He grew up knowing Emma and their lifestyles are very compatible.  

This was an enjoyable story to read.  Although I thought it was kind of slow at the beginning, it picked up speed and held my attention to the very end.  I liked how Emma's whole perspective on life changed as she opened her eyes to her new surroundings, how she fought for what she wanted.  I also liked how both Lucas and Randall had to face their fears and come to grips with what they wanted in life.  A midst some harsh conditions on the front range you will grow to appreciate all the people there and their different backgrounds.  There will be struggles, hardships, hatred and fears, but through it all you will find abiding love and steadfast endurance as these people formed a lifestyle in the Colorado territory.

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