Tuesday, May 6, 2014

GIFTS OF LIFE by Heather Hunt

Natalie Mercer is a flight nurse married to Donovan a trauma surgeon.  She thought life was going good for her - she liked her job, she was in love with her husband and about to tell him the news that she was expecting his baby.  That all changed in a tragic moment in time that will take you by surprise.  Fast forward. . . . Natalie is now working as a flight nurse for Mountain EMS and learning to live independently on her own, pregnant and without a husband.  The pilot of the EMS is Jake Adams, who doesn't exactly hit if off with Natalie, but they will soon become very close friends, and watching the romance build will capture your heart and win you over.

I loved how the author captured your attention right off and how quickly you got to know Natalie, Jake and his adorable nieces, and the folks at the EMS.  These were delightful people who captured my heart.  I adored how Jake took Natalie under his wing and become her birthing coach and how good these two were together.   Although there is sorrow in this story, there is joy that comes forth that makes you feel good about having sat down and gotten to know these people in the "Gifts of Life".

This is book one in "The Gift Series" and I will begin book two next, "Gifts of Hope".  Be prepared for trauma, but be encouraged by the tender love that develops between two wonderful people.  Enjoy!

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