Monday, May 26, 2014


This book is labeled as a riveting, inspirational, suspense, romance and I would have to agree wholeheartedly with all those descriptive terms.  What it doesn't tell you is that within the first few pages that action begins and doesn't stop until the very end.  It doesn't take long to read, one, because it is a short book, but two, because you don't want to put it down until you are through.

Caleb O'Malley has finally been released from prison after  14 months where he was "wrongly accused" for his wife's murder.  Now he just wants to pick up his 5 year old daughter from her foster care home and take care of her.  But when bullets fly as he stands at the door to the foster care home he must run, with his child and  Noelle Whitman, his daughter's foster care mother (single woman of course) and while running, try to figure out why someone is after him and why someone tried to frame him for his wife's murder.  In the meantime Noelle must decide if she is going to trust this man while she clings to protecting his daughter from any more emotional or physical harm.  You know there is going to be romance between these two people, but it is slow in coming because they are kind of busy just staying alive. I appreciated the way Noelle's strong trust in  the Lord came out in this story and how it influenced Caleb and Kaitlin in ways that you could see.   Near the end there is a suspenseful scene at the home of one of Caleb's "buddies", while Noelle and Kaitlin are hiding in the basement.  It was one of the scenes that I wished I wasn't reading late at night as it did put the fear into me  that I am sure those two people experienced.  A good first story in the "SWAT: Top Cops series".  Be prepared to be captured from the very beginning as you run for your life with Caleb, Noelle and Kaitlin.

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