Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BLIND FAITH by Judith Pella

I liked the way the title of this book fit so well with the story line of this book. Irene is a single Mom with 2 boys (after having tried to save a failed marraige). She is approached by Joel Costain, a prestigious lawyer who is trying to find someone who has just claimed to be his long lost brother (Joel was adopted as a baby and never knew his real parents). The irony is that the man Joel is trying to find is Irene's ex-husband, who is found dead a few days later. This brings Irene and Joel together in an unlikely way and they both must struggle with challenges and differences in their lives. Joel must also convince Irene that he is not like his brother and he can be trusted. They both need faith and the fact that Joel is blind adds to the suspense of this story. There is alot going on in the story and it keeps you on your toes, so to speak. Their is revenge, murder, suspense, intrigue, love, heartache and the need for forgiveness all wrapped up in this one story.

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