Saturday, August 27, 2011

WINTER WINDS by Gayle Roper

A delightfully good story to end this wonderful series. Dori MacAllister finds herself returning to the charming town of Seaside after leaving bittersweet memories behind her 6 years ago when she moved to the West coast to start a new life. Pastor Paul Trevelyan is surprised to see her back, but also overjoyed with the possibilities of what this could mean for them both. Throw in a teenager, a brother and a charming lady police officer, and a church full of interesting folks, and you have yourself a fun ride with lots of excitement, laughs and learning to let go and let love and forgiveness take over. There was alot going on in this story and there was never a dull moment. Gayle Roper has such a good way of making all her characters full of charm and personality. There are problems, heartaches and danger; but she writes in such a way that you come away refreshed, knowing that working through tough times can be done and it always brings about happier endings than failing to resolve conflicts. A great ending to a great series of books!

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