Sunday, August 14, 2011

RESTORATION & ROMANCE by Curtis, Hicks, MacDonald and Orcutt

This was 4 quick reads from 4 different authors about not just restoring homes, but restoring lives too. I
In in the 1st story you find Chloe who is determined to protect her grandmother from a handsome handyman she knows nothing about. I really liked the part where she tries to stop the town gossip by pretending the handyman is her man and how he "plays right along". It was a fun story.
Story #2 was about K.C. McKenzie who is an interior designer trying to restore her late husband's family farmhouse. But the new owner refuses to sell. It was enjoyable watching them work together to restore an old house and in the process, restore some things missing in their own lives.
Story #3 pushes two people together who want nothing to do with each other, but the historic estate is left to them to share. Now they must learn to let the past go and forgive and forget. A lesson we all have trouble with.
Story #4 is about Laurie Golden who moves her family to a small town in Texas, hoping to restore a family home. Her neighor wants to find a historical grave site on her property and the two of them quickly learn to work together, with a little help from her Mom and 2 kids.
All 4 stories were about restoration of homes, but I liked the way each author also mingled in with their stories the need each one of their characters had to restore a relationship or a past hurt in their own lives. The title of the book is right on - "Restoration & Romance" - a good combination.

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