Thursday, August 4, 2011

SURRENDER the DAWN by MaryLu Tyndall

As it states in the beginning of this book, MaryLu's "passion is to write page-turning, romantic adventures that not only entertain but expose Christians to their full potential in Christ", and this book totally lives up to this! I have never been disappointed in reading any of this author's books. This story can be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend you don't just read this story, but start with books 1 and 2 first, because she ties in the characters from the other books so well in this story and you will be glad you read the other books first. There is action, adventure, romance and high seas battles that will keep you interested and turning the pages until the very end.

Cassandra Channing is trying to hold her family together during the War of 1812 (her father and brothers are gone and she is trying to support her mother and two younger sisters). She takes all the money she owns and buys into the privateer ship that the town rogue, Luke Heaton has won while gambling. Cassandra doesn't exactly trust Luke and Luke does have his problems, but he is a man of his word. The problem with Luke is, he doesn't believe he is any good, especially for the lovely Cassandra (who has a temper and a mind of her own, with very little fear or forethought to her actions). So the drama begins with these two characters and it is quite an adventure. I think the theme or lesson I took from this story was captured by the author with these words from one of the characters in this adventure, "I have seen God's destiny in action. His plans are good. . . . They don't always make sense at the time, but in the end they are always good." Both Cassandra and Luke will come to see the answer to these questions in their life . . "Was life merely just happenstance? Just a thread of chaotic events? Or were there reasons for everything that happened? A plan? A purpose?" Another good job by MaryLu Tyndall!
(And I loved the picture of Dexter, the dog, at the end of the book; exactly how I had him pictured in my mind!)

This was a series that is well worth your time for some high seas adventure and lots of romantic challenges. I want to thank the author and Barbour Publishing for sending me this book for review. I am very grateful, but it did not in any way influence my 4 star review.

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