Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Gayle Roper has a way of dealing with real issues, sometimes tough issues, in a very well done and realistic way. She also keeps it upbeat, and lively. In this story I found myself laughing and smiling as well as nodding my head in agreement at how the two main characters in this story handled some tough issues in their lives.

Abby Patterson has endured a terrible car acccident where she barely survived, but where her husband and small child did not. She is now well on the road to recovery and trying to break free from her parents who are smothering her with their care. She finds an upstairs apartment right on the beach and begins to experience some freedom. But she wasn't planning on such an annoying landlord who lives right below her; Marsh Winslow, who just wants to enjoy his beach house and write his stories. Someone is out to do Abby harm and Marsh finds himself as her source of strength and someone she can lean on.

This story had alot going on and it never left you with a dull moment. There was enjoyment in watching Abby and Marsh and their "way with words" around each other. Abby was a magnet at drawing people to her place and alls Marsh wanted was peace and quiet. There was mystery, heartache, suspense, secrets and lots of understanding and love. I just had a hard time putting this story down until I was done. Looking forward to reading more in this Seaside Series.

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