Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This was a fun story to read. You have Eugenia "Gennie" Cooper, a New York socialite in the 1880's who reads one to many dime store novels about the Wild West and feels she must experience it before she "settles down". She has a chance to go West and take someone's place as a governess for a wealthy gentleman, Daniel Beck, in Denver, Colorado for a month so she goes for it. When Daniel and Gennie first meet they don't realize they are employee and employer. It was instant attraction for both of them, but when the truth of who they are comes out things get a little topsy turvy. There is alot of laughable moments between these two characters and with Daniel's daughter, Charlotte. I had a hard time putting it down, but did feel the author ended the story rather quickly with alot happening at the end and not many details of how it all came about. And although I know why she started each chapter with a "dime store novel" insert, by the end of the book, I wasn't interested in that, just wanted to keep reading the actual story. I look forward to reading the other two books in this series. A lighthearted, quick read.

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